Yacht charter in Marbella

Yacht charter

in Marbella

You won’t get the most of your vacation, if you don’t spend some time sailing in the Mediterranean. Diamovit Exclusive Rentals provides you with a great opportunity to enjoy the sea voyage and experience the incredible power of Mother Nature, magnificent coastal beauty with its towns, villages and an array of fantastic beaches of the Costa del Sol. Whether you want to host a party, an important event, birthday or anniversary celebration, or have a romantic voyage on the exclusive yacht along the stunning coastline of the Costa del Sol just for two of you, we will recommend you the perfect one that will suit your needs and interests.

Yacht charter in Marbella is one of the best entertainments suitable for individuals, romantic couples and, of course, families. Produced by world’s best manufacturers, our yachts have fashionable salons and stylish cabins equipped with all the facilities you may require. Sailing a yacht you will have a superb opportunity to feel yourself as a captain, experience the overwhelming sense of freedom, enjoy sea fishing and simply have good time.

Far away from the shore you will enjoy being in such a beautiful place like sea and be lucky to see the dolphins surfing the waves and sun’s plays into clear blue water. You can also take the chance to see the Rock of Gibraltar from the sea. Diamovit Exclusive Rentals is here to arrange a boat trip to the coast of Morocco and the incredible Strait of Gibraltar. You can even take a walk in the port of Gibraltar, without worrying about the difficulties with registration of UK visa.

By renting a yacht you can enjoy to the fullest the advantages of luxury vacation in Marbella and explore the beauty of the region and south coast water life. Our professional crew of yacht charter in Marbella has the knowledge of maritime affairs, social etiquette and is working to provide services beyond the customer’s expectations. Comfortable voyage is what you need to escape from your daily routine, get refreshed and inspired. Sailing one of Diamovit Exclusive Rentals yachts you will enjoy the beauty, the thrill and the challenge of being face to face with the sea.