Rent Porsche Malaga Airport: Porsche Panamera 4S

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from 360€
car_icon Year
door_icon 4
user_icon 2
fuel_icon Gasoline
transmission_icon Automatic
engine_icon 1.8

It is unlikely that any other four-door car colud look so fast! Sporting body is made very low, as in the iconic supercar Porsche 911, also sharing the shape of the front headlamps. Quality leather interior – “Even a mosquito would be happy to bite…” And how comfortable the seats! When you sit down, you will feel the high level of ergonomy, they even have ventilation. When working volume is 4.8 liters it produces 500 hp – for a sedan this is just a freakish amount of power.

1 day,2-7 days,1 month

Please ask for best price!, 360€/day

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