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car_icon Year
door_icon 4
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fuel_icon Gasoline
transmission_icon Automatic
engine_icon 1.8

Porsche Cayenne S car hire in Marbella
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Porsche Cayenne S – This legendary and popular car quickly became a classic in its class – however, this happens with any other Porsche. it is no exaggeration to call it the only car, which blends perfectly the SUV with a sports car. Many people call it an off-road vehicle. Other call it Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or family car, while others call it “the first five-door Porsche”. In terms of technical specifications, the Porsche Cayenne S is different from the standard version, featuring a more powerful eight-cylinder 4.8-liter gasoline engine with 400hp. This configuration allows you to take the car up to 258 km/h and go from 0 to 100km/h in 5,9 sec. That for an SUV weighing 2.3 tons is very impressive. This sporty SUV is designed for those who do not want to renounce to the pleasure of a sporty style of driving.
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