Mercedes-Benz S Coupe Hire Marbela

from 200€/day
car_icon Year 2016
door_icon 2
user_icon 4
fuel_icon Gasoline
transmission_icon Automatic
engine_icon 4.7

The finest and easiest way to rent through Diamovit exclusive rentals. We specialize in the finest rental cars and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

As usual, the top speed is electronically limited, which is probably a good idea knowing the local traffic cops. It’s so fast that you can easily forget that you are pushing the speed limit with ease, it is very deceptive. This car has a mesmerizing spirit of acceleration, which turns every trip into an acute vivid experience. It has an athletic design which makes the heart of every true fan of motorsport beat faster.

This car is big and powerful on the outside and very quiet inside. Basically, this car is very fast, and extremely calm when it drives at speed. It’s incredibly finely built. For high-speeds, there’s nothing on the Earth better. Try to Hire our Mercedes-Benz S coupe in Marbella and love every minute driving this superb car!

For something packing all this power, it can be remarkably civil around town. Just lightly press the throttle and the car goes about its business in a supremely smooth manner. It handles itself well on the street and has a nice lean when rounding corners. It also has a light and lazy steering response, great ride comfort, and is extremely fast in a straight line.

This is a stylish car and visibility from within the interior cabin is excellent. The interior looks awesome with its leather active seats that hug you when you’re cornering. Partake in Mercedes-Benz S coupe rental in Marbella and you simply won’t be disappointed!

So if you’re here for company travel or a family holiday, hire a Mercedes-Benz S coupe in Marbella from us at Diamovit exclusive rentals and love every moment of your stay down here on the Costa del Sol.

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