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from 900€

Speed boat rental Marbella: Azimut 43
Looking for a speed boat rental Marbella?  The Azimut 43 flybridge is 12 square metres of surface area that is totally dedicated to life outdoors.… read more

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Boat hire Marbella – Rodman Muse 74
Boat hire Marbella: Rodman Muse 74 - achieves a sublime combination of powerful, smooth handling at sea, space and luxury. The characteristic… read more

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from 4800 €

Boat rental Marbella: Princess 23M
Boat rental Marbella: You will feel at home once you step foot on board Gilliana. Elegance, refinement, comfort and a taste for the pleasures of… read more

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from 2000€

Yacht rental Marbella: Sessa Fly 54
Yacht rental Marbella: Design that moves in the space between art and inspiration. Atried and tested large-scale product where elegance and… read more

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from 800€

Sessa Marine Marbella: Sessa C35 HT
Sessa Marine Marbella: The internal lay-out has been designed to allow the owner a huge freedom of choice. To live in an “open space” due to a… read more

For an excellent way to spend time down here you really should try yacht hire in Marbella through us at Diamovit Exclusive Rentals, as we guarantee the finest service and the best possible Luxury Yachts in Marbella.

Ever dreamed of hiring a yacht in Spain and reveling in the refreshing breeze of the sea as you skim across the Mediterranean? Ever dreamed of a wonderful ride on a yacht to the shores of Morocco, or a romantic sea journey and yacht outings along the coast of the Costa del Sol, which intrigues with its natural beauty and picturesque charm? If you do, then look no further than contacting us at Diamovit

Exclusive Rentals. Renting a yacht in Marbella is without doubt an opportunity for a fascinating and enjoyable pastime!

Are you looking for ideas for a lively and entertaining party? A yacht, flashing with bright lights and resting on the waters of Puerto Banús, is easily the best place for a mind-blowing party, because it’s right nearby the Mediterranean capital of nightlife. Hiring a yacht in Marbella and the Costa del Sol through us at Diamovit Exclusive Rentals is a very simple process which means you’ll be sailing in no time.

Dreams can definitely come true! A Charter VIP service is far from being just a means of diversion; it is something that gives you an inspiring sense of freedom, confidence, and self-esteem. With astonishing interior cabins, stylish saloons, high-quality designs from the best manufacturers in the world; all of our yachts are genuine works of art, a symbol of luxury, and provide an authentic feast of pleasure.
A yacht is an excellent place that can be of great help for you to leave behind your everyday routine, your worldly duties and responsibilities. You can seize the moment on a yacht and let all your secret fantasies and dreams set sail and inspire you.

Imagine the playful dolphins, the enchanting natural beauty of the shoreline, the limpid waters, and the boundless vastness of the sea; your journey with Diamovit Exclusive Rentals promises to be truly Charter VIP service unforgettable. Would you like to take a walk in the Luxury Yacht Charter Marbella & Puerto Banus? Forget about the need to apply for a British visa and just enjoy your vacation. So why not try renting a yacht in Marbella and the Costa del Sol and see all this for yourself?

Thanks to our highly-qualified and experienced staff, who have an impeccable knowledge of seamanship as well as the required social and professional etiquette; we are able to provide the highest standard of Luxury Yacht hire Puerto Banus service even to the most demanding clients, and individually cater to their every need; we always take care of the concerns and comfort of our guests, each of whom is treated as a VIP-client.

We invite you to hire Luxury yacht Charter for hours in Puerto Banus your best vacation with Diamovit Exclusive Rentals. Call us today for luxury yacht charter Puerto Banus, your Luxury Yacht Charter Marbella is already moored at the pier and is waiting for you to arrive! So whether your visit is because of company travel, or perhaps a family holiday, try our Luxury Yacht charter Marbella and the Costa del Sol and you will love each moment of your stay.

Call Diamovit Exclusive Rentals today and rent the yacht of your dreams!