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Situated in the southern part of Spain, the Costa del Sol is one of the top holiday destinations attracting tourists and travelers from all over the world with delicious Spanish gastronomy, sunny climate, majestic mountains and excellent diversity of interesting places to visit in every city on the coastline and those located closer to the center of the country.

Marbella, the heart of Costa del Sol, lies in the south east of Spain and is famed for its sunshine, stylish resorts and high-end restaurants, plenty of trendy places around the city proven to be great tourist attractions and, of course, real estate – exclusive villas, apartments and other luxury property offerings with stunning views over the sea or beautiful La Concha mountain behind Marbella. Marbella is a truly wonderful place when choosing a holiday home or a permanent residence. It’s no wonder people coming to Marbella for a visit decides to stay permanently. Staying in an attractive villa or apartment in a prestigious and cosy residential urbanization is the best way to experience the real taste of Marbella, its culture and lifestyle.

Great variety of activities

Having earned the reputation of being a playground of the rich and famous, real estate market offers a wide selection of luxury apartments in Marbella for sale and rent in the most attractive locations in all price categories. The “city of wealth” is hospitable for people of different cultural and economic backgrounds and is a safe and family-friendly place to live.  Exclusive apartments in Marbella for sale, are all of the highest standards and come with all facilities and luxuries that one would expect from first class accommodation. Marbella has an easy access due to the excellent and modern motorway network and close vicinity of Malaga International Airport where all budget airlines have flights arriving from all over Europe.

There is plenty to explore in the area surrounding Marbella due to it’s ideal location, which gives you the chance to take part in the great variety of activities the Costa del Sol has to offer. We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the luxury apartments in Marbella. Contact us and let us help you find the right place to live and make it feel like home!