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Year 4 5 Diesel Automatic 3.0

If you’ve ever wished to rent a Range Rover Sport HSE in Marbella the contact us today at Diamovit exclusive rentals and love every minute of your stay.

The Range Rover is a luxury 4×4 sport utility vehicles (SUV). The Range Rover Sport HSE comes with luxury and comfort and a solid and classy look. This Range Rover Sport does not need to prove anything. The Range Rover HSE is close to vehicle perfection. The HSE has the comfort of a premium luxury 4×4.

The Range Rover Sport HSE has been designed to combine comfort and luxury and its off-road skills with a racier, involved driving experience. A new lightweight steel chassis and with adaptive dampers it means the HSE has very agile handling. It has excellent agility. Try our Range Rover Sport HSE hire in Marbella and you will not be disappointed.

The Sport is simply awesome off-road and with Land Rover’s Terrain Response fitted, which automatically adjusts the traction, the gearbox and throttle to get the best traction. With air suspension it can also raise itself to clear any large obstacles on the road. There are also settings for sand, mud, gravel, snow and rocks and the Range Rover Sport HSE has no problem driving over any of them.

The interior feels very luxurious and is of high quality. Has the normal Range Rover design motif of black window frames to create a floating roof effect. The whole finish of the cabin suggests luxury and is truly first rate. Take part in Range Rover Sport hire in Marbella and get the most from your stay.

The car is equipped with a sound system with an interface for connecting portable audio, iPod ® and MP3-players, as well as a satellite navigation system, a soft-start system, Mount-Hill Start Assist system and compensation of acceleration on inclined surfaces Gradient Acceleration Control.

So if you are here in Spain for pleasure or business, hire a Range Rover Sport HSE in Marbella and call Diamovit exclusive rentals today!